AS Laboratory Consultants has over 20 years experience in the laboratory market, making us experts in the field. We are able to offer a variety of services pertaining to the various elements of the laboratory market. We specialize in the design, supply, installation and servicing of the following :



Fume Cupboards

Suppliers of Fume cabinets for all applications, including Steel Consta flow units, Pherchloric fume cabinets with wash down systems. We also offer custom designed Poly propylene units for use in highly corrosive environments. All Fume cabinets are available in a range of sizes to meet any required function.

Fume extraction ducting

Combining a wealth of experience gained through working on some of the biggest extraction system in the Southern Hemisphere, our team is able to design and manufacture extraction systems based on the specific airflow requirements of each project.


Acid fume Scrubbers

Acid fume scrubbers are custom designed according to specific requirements of each project, during this process the quantity and concentration of chemicals used when processing samples are considered and used to calculate the size of the scrubber as well as the required extraction. Buy Cialis online in France. Scrubber systems are available in manual dosing systems as well as fully automated dosing systems.

Laboratory Furniture

Laboratory in a diverse range of options, including steel furniture, melamine furniture. Our design is based on an adjustable modular system that can be customised for the specific requirements and preferences of each laboratory.

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Dust extraction

Consultation is available for the design of dust extraction in order to determine the needs of the client. Design specification are calculated and supplied along with our suggested dust extraction system. We offer cyclone , bag house and wet scrubbing dust extraction systems. Once a design is approved we will then be able to supply the necessary system.